Wonderful Weekend beneath a sun in Leo.

We had a productive and adventurous weekend. Finished gathering apartment décor items--a few pictures of our place to come. I finally tried the amazing yoga studio in our neighborhood on Saturday morning. Nick and I enjoyed a decadent dinner and date night out in Capitol Hill. And we also had the pleasure of Sunday brunch at our favorite breakfast place in Seattle, Portage Bay Cafe--Nick piled his french toast high with real whip cream (reminiscent of his mom's homemade version) and I enjoyed my HUGE gluten-free buckwheat flapjacks/pancakes with real maple syrup from their pancake toppings bar--YUMMM (gluten and nut free)!

We finished the weekend off at Amazon's company picnic at Mountain Meadows Farm in North Bend, Washington where I discovered a pretty white picket fence! I just couldn't resist the photo op. :)
Just another August weekend in Seattle!


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