Hiking Mt. Rainier.

Nick is sitting beside me reading his newest science fiction fantasy. I've decided to a take a few moments to reflect on our spectacular weekend adventure. Nick's parents came for a visit and we finally made the trip to Mt. Rainier.

We rode up 5,400 feet to the Paradise area, famous for its amazing views and wildflower meadows (which were still snow covered during our visit). The views from the top were some of the most picturesque and breathtaking that I've ever seen. Perhaps the fact that there is still about a foot of snow on the ground only adds to the drama and the unexpected nature of a trip to Mt. Rainier. How often to we see pine cones in August? I'm considering it a rare privilage.

The hike through the snow was a challange. But so worth it. On the trail we munched on Enjoy Life not nuts! Mountain Mambo
trail mix, bananas and bags of carrot sticks. A few easy healthy gluten-free and nut-free trail snacks.

I'm looking forward to our next hike through paradise. :)


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