On Color: Burgundy

I'm feeling a little burgundy today. The weather in la is surpirsingly gloomy and refreshing. It has me thinking of fall. And burgundy came to mind.

When my mind goes to burgundy it inspires a sensory experience.

Burgundy makes me think of old royalty and rich luxurious velvet burgundy blankets. Me, sitting by the fireplace at the ultra chic hotel and hot spot Gramercy Park Hotel. And just even walking the streets of the asprational New York City neighborhood, Gramercy Park. Other burgundy associations: Gothic architecture, old romance, gold, fall and winter, taking a cold breath of fresh air, candy carmel apples, romance, hot chocolate, comfy sweaters and sweet kisses.

Here is the inspiring Gramercy Park Hotel outdoors and lobby. 

Here are some burgundy looks I have my eye on today. 

From Fall 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Jcrew Collection. These burgundy shoes make me want to dance. I have always loved lace up shoes. They are such a feminine statement shoe. 

Love Kylie Jenner's burgundy concert pants. I want a pair of faux leather pants in burgundy. 

Burgundy lips are so sexy and almost unkissable. Love Megan Fox in her burgundy lipstick. Gorgeous.

I also can appreciate a bold pop of burgundy in the home. Check out this look from Elle Decor Magazine this month. The color truly mixes with animal print so cohesively. Don't you just want to live in this room? I do.

It's September and I guess burgundy is just in the air. Makes me want to cozy up by a fire in rich fall textures and colors and snuggle. Love the fall.

xo Natalie


Comic Book inspired

Hi. So feeling totally inspired today by a few cool comics.

One is the quirky cute Betty Boop.

The Archie girls Betty & Veronica are also pretty cool and catty.

I've been doing some research on comic books because we are testing out a few ideas for the release of a short film I shot in the spring. I want to make it a little quirky like my comic queens too.

It also has me dreaming of wearing some of the comics!

I freaking LOVE Kourtney Kardashion in this super cute comic dress. Want to wear it!

These shoes are fun and tough at the same time. Size 6 please.
Love this skirt on The Daily Dot highlighting the wild comic graphics. 

xo Natalie 


Mama Shoot

I have the coolest friends, I must say. In three words: Creative and inspiring. 

One being, Amanda Richardson who is a la based photographer (among other talents). Amanda's photo company is James Photography. 

She did this fun photo shoot for my mom and I this past Mother's Day. So fun! 

xo Natalie


Airport Style

Thinking about traveling today. 

Love Miranda Kerr's airport look. Super cozy dress and her signature jean jacket. 

Mary-Kate looks cozy with baggy layers and fitted jeans.

Always love Gwen Stefani's style: here with a printed coat and boots. 
xo Natalie