The Move In.

Movers arrived at 7 a.m.

I gave in and let him keep his microwave oven. His face lit up as he attempted to tear off the sticker from the front door.

Eventually attempting to sweeten our sour moods up, I realized my Allegro coffee addiction (add a splash of organic rice milk to taste) and Nick with his Vietnamese sandwich-fix (Banh mi).
So it goes. We both slowly let the grumpy morning fade away with the misty rain fall. The gloomy light from outside made it easy to turn Saturday over to really moving our stuff into this previously empty apartment.Oh how my type-A-tendencies love early morning productivity. It's suddenly feeling like we have arrived home after over a month of this gypsy-transitional period. Deep breath. Sigh of relief. Sip of coffee.

The "moving in" is a tangible example of how our lives are coming together, it's real. Our apartment has a quaint eclectic country-esque contemporary technology feel, with an IKEA-meets-antique-mix. I really like it and cannot wait to add new decor additions. My pine pieces and Nick's plethora of various hard drives scattered.
Traveling with me are just a few of my favorite things:
First off SOJA playing on my iPOD.

A pine armourer my parents had since I was a kid. It has great character and presence. Dad acted as though it even had a wisdom when he gave it to us. Maybe it has seen it all?

My velvet Jimmy Hendrix/Penny Lane inspired velvet coat from Betsey Johnson.

Photos from my apartment in NYC.

And my true love. :)


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