A Long Goodbye to Seattle...

Some days words pour from my finger tips. I love the sound of my fingers clinking against my keyboard while I'm writing. It's a one of those weird things to love, right?
We have been taking advantage of Seattle lately. Today Nick and I kayaked in South Lake Union. Last Saturday we FINALLY made it to Bainbridge Island to visit Purple Haze, Organic Lavendar Farm. I've been thinking alot about the past year. I moved to Seattle, July 4th 2011. And today a little over a year later, August 11, 2012, I was just thinking a lot about our blessings.

We have been blessed to have moved across the country to experience life in the Northwest. We have discovered much to love in Seattle. Even though I miss the East Coast in my core, the fast-pace, the sense of being where "things are happening." In a way, it's unexplainable. Despite the vast differences in the place we are from and the place where we currently reside, I realize just how much we really do love Seattle.
Fresh produce. Mountains. Mt. Rainer in particular is mystical when it shows up behind the Seattle's typical cloud cover. Friendships that feel right. Adventures into unique landscapes. Lush green nature all around us. Crisp fresh air, makes everyday feel like fall (my absolute favorite time of year). Time to grow as a couple and as people. Solitude. Serenity. The beach. Taco trucks (Nick). Seattle's local breweries (Nick again).
We are now faced with a long goodbye. We just found out for sure that we are leaving Seattle in exactly 27 days. Deep breath, sigh, yes, we are leaving Seattle. But this feels right. And thankfully we have been blessed again with a last chance to farewell to this special place. Right now sitting here, it's a 27 day goodbye. We may never be back. But we have really enjoyed this experience. And although the grey rainy Winter was tough on our moods at times, we have been lucky to have this one last August in Seattle to explore the lush green beauty of this town. There truly is nothing like a Seattle summer and if you ask locals why they love this place, they always reply, the summer here makes the long dark winter (much like a winter marathon to an East Coast girl) worth the stay.
xo Natalie


tania said...

Lovely goodbye and so befitting of Seattle. Happy farewell to your journey.

Zining Cui said...

I am currently in Seattle and this city is amazing. Especially love the music scene and the culture here. Also, I am really surprised that the Northwest would have such nice weather in summer.

All the best,
Z xx